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kraft bubble mailer machine

Product Details:

  • Place of Origin: WenZhou China
  • Model Number: QPB-K1000 / 700 / 500

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Price: FOB CIF C&F EX.W
  • Packaging Details: With stretch film and bubble film package outside
  • Delivery Time: Within 30 work days after receiving the deposit payment
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability: 20 Sets per Month

Detailed Product Description

Kraft paper-Bubble Mailer Making Machine

(1) The equipment is fully automatic equipment for the production of kraft paper bubble bag , customers need to prepare materials : Laminating kraft paper and bubble film, tape ,
2) Devices can be automatic kraft paper production of kraft bubble envelopes , a wide range of equipment to manufacture products , the high degree of automation , the device of choice for the bubble envelope industry to replace the hand-made .
(3) the functionality of the device : set compound , sealing, folding , on the strip , track , cut into one whole through automatic computer control bag-making process , the production of bubble bag sealing line , firm and smooth , the length accurate, and necessary equipment for the production of kraft paper bubble bag .
Ex-factory price of 300 000 ( including tax Ningbo shipping with composite plate packing charges ) container

This machine dedicated machine is designed specifically for the production of kraft bubble envelope . Bag way : Laminating Kraft paper with PE bubble film by hot roll bonding , composite materials with good by the fold forming device , and then molded by hot pressing the horizontal seal and cut into standard composite bubble envelope . The machine uses an advanced motion control technology , unwinding from the film material to cut molding , under computer control system out of the bag neat and beautiful , strong adhesion , reliable operation and easy to understand and convenient , is a high quality dedicated equipment bag.



Bag making speed


Effective width

600mmincluding edge of envelop

Application material

Laminated kraft  ( above 90gsm )、PE bubble film

Effective length


Effective feeding diameter

Paper Φ600mmbubble film Φ1300mm

Effective feeding width

Paper 1200mmbubble film 1100mm

Overall size


14000/18000 mm


2300 mm


2200 mm

Working voltage power

3 phases AC380V 50Hz

Total power




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